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Autumn Equinox

Som todya my coven celerbated Autumn Equinox, two days late. it was a lovely day, the sun was shining and the leaves are turning yellow. Due to people's jobs we couldn't meet until 5.30 pm, but I went to Inger's place earlier and arrived a quarter to four. That left time for a quick swim in the local lake. It is very deep and rather cold even in summer. It was... refreshing... my heart did double beats in the beginning, but then after a while it was just cool and nice and I really didn't want to go up.

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Bologna update

The conference was really interesting and I met some really nice people, some for the fist time, others were "veterans" from last year's conference. I hope I will find the time to write more about further on, but since I came hom on Sunday evening and gave two lectures, followed by a doctor's appointment yesterday and will teach today too, followed by a visit to the hospital to see a friend.

So any longer stories will have to wait. I have, however started making image-heavy posts in my costuming blog and I suggest that you go there to see them. Normally I try to transfer the information here, but I just don't have the energy or time for that right now.


Basilica di San Pietro

There will be more. If you're on facebook the easiest wy not to miss any is probably to like the facebook page for my blog.

Now I have to work on the autumn equinox ritual, and then leave for work and seminars on a book about men's suits in Sweden in the late 19th- early 20th century.


Predictable result

The party was awesome and I got real drunk for the first time in ages. So today I've been hung over. This was made much more tolerable by the fact that i discovered that Netflix now has season 2 of Broadchurch. So I binge watched that and finished a dress that I started on yesterday. The sleeves are sewn entirely by hand, because I wanted to watch telly :) It's nothing special, just a linen dress without waist seam, but I think it will be a good serviceable dress for work etc. I'm taking it with me to Bologna on Wednesday.

Bachanalia tomorrow

So, tomorrow my friend Caroline has her annual (well, this is teh second year) bachanalia. She has three ecumenical pagan/occultist parties every year: The Sol Invictus party between Yule and New Years, the Blåkulla party (Blåkulla is where witches go on either Maundy Thursday or Easter eve according to Swedish folklore) on Maundy Thursday and, since last year, the Bachanalia in late August/early September.
They're not rituals, and not specific for any kind of  paganor occultist, but they have a pagan them and we have an opening ceremony where we recite some texts on the theme, share a glass of wine and drum, chant and dance. Then it's a regular potluck party.

But I like excuses to dress according to themes, so I made myself a dress from white crinkled cotton. The style is mostly 1940s I would say, but 1940s, inspired by ancient Greece. I also made a Thyrsos, Caroline has a few, but it's nice if people bring their own.

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The semester has really started now

Last Wednesday I gave one lecture and then on Saturday I had classes the whole afternoon. Today I have one lecture this afternoon and tomorrow I lecture both before and after lunch. I started today with taking Maja to the dentist and since I got home I've been busy answering e-mails from students.
This is a little much, since I'm on sick leave and only work 15 hous/week, but it will calm down in a few weeks.

On the 14th I'm going to Bologna for a conference and that will be lots of fun. Any tips on what to see in Bologna are welcome.


It took five minutes

And then Rickard found the missing keys :)

Under the seat of the armchair I sat down in when I came home.

Stupid keys!!

Aaarggh! I have been looking for my keys for hours now. I know that I used them to open the door to the house when I came home, but not to open the flat, since that door was open. And I can't find them anywhere - I've gone through my bag, the plastic bag full of apples that I brought, the pockets of every jacket hanging in the hall (in case I put them there), the pockets in the dress I wore, and even the whole laundry basket in case they fell out of that dress' pockets!
I've also been trying to reach the caretaker, in case I dropped them in the stairs without noticign (unlikely), but his phone has been occupied (probably off the hook) for hours now.

it is very frustrating. And I wish that Rickard would come home for lunch, because he's very good at finding things.

Possibly TMI

Though I can't see why everything with women's bodies is seen as gross (unless men are sexually aroused by it). But, you have been forwarned.

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This and that

Finished the braies yesterday. Now I am thinking about making some gifts from the baron and me to foreign royalty. I am also trying to get som Real Work done, such as working on my paper/presentation for the Dressing the Early Modern conference in Bologna in a few weeks. I must confess that I go there mainly for the people, and for going to Italy in September. But I still need to make a good presentation.

Today is laundry day, which is made more interesting by the fact that they are replacing our lift and the laundry room is five floors down (in the dungeons ;) ) Thankfully laundry is a project that Rickard and I do together, so he will have to carry everything. Also lucky is that the last month of Pokémon Go has made my legs much stronger. That and climbing the stairs for a couple of weeks now; we live on the 3rd floor.
There's a lot of noise from the lift shaft today, but that means that they are working on installing the new lift, so I will not complain.

Apart from the stronger legs my body isn't too happy with me right now. I can walk (obviously), but I have this constant pain which makes it hard to concentrate and actually think, which unfortunately is what I'm paid to do. I might have to tak emore tramadol to get work done.



It's one of those days. I promised UPS that I would be home all day to recieve a package for Vendela. It turns out that I had forgotten about a meeting at 2 pm. Hopefully they won't come the half hour between I leave and Rickard comes home from work. I am also restless and would have preferred to take a walk and hunt pokémon before my meeting.
It was also pointed out to me that I had booked one date wrong this autumns course in fashion History. Hopefully it can be corrected easily, but I am still waiting for an answer from the person who books rooms.

And this has made me too restless to actually write on the conference presentation that I started on this morning (and has worked on one and a half hour or so). I'll try to read a little instead I think.