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I do no think it's wise for non-native speakers to write their research grant proposals in English. Unless they really have to. Having read two this far for a seminar tomorrow i just want to bang my head on the desk. In the names of all the Gods: Please have them checked by a native speaker!

Like I do with you people ;)

Their luck is that the applications will probably mostly be read by non-native speakers.


A new mi-parti gown for Maja

Maja didn't really need more clothes right now, but then I bought this lovely, soft and draping yellow wool from Italienska Modetyger at a sewing faire. I bought all there was, but it was in no way enough for a gown. So mi-parti it had to be, and with Maja's arms being in red and yellow, red wool was an easy choice. It's no way near as soft as the yellow wool, but since the whole gown is lined with blue silk habotai even a kid may be able to wear it without dying from wool itchiness ;) (Except the yellow sleeve, I ran out of fabric and had to use red habotai in that one - contrast was important in the Middle Ages, so of course I couldn't use red in the red sleeve.)

The cut, which skims the body, but isn't tight, and the modest neckline would probably place this one in the 1330s or thereabout.

Now I'm going to rip of the skirt from Måns' waffenrock and replace it. And make Pies of Paris for dinner.

Too busy with work

I'm too busy with work to write anything longer. I have tests to grade, new courses to administrate and new classes to prepare. Craft wise Måns and I have worked on his waffenrokk and it comes along nicely, there will be photos when it's finished. I also knit a hat for Maja and cut her hair really short.

Now I have to get back to grading tests.
Since I don't like taking up my cell phone in public during events I mostly have posed photos. Of course I also sat in front at court and at the high table so it would have been absolutely impossible. I'm sure that there will plenty of good photos that I can direct you to later.

So most of the photos are of Åbo/Turku castle and it's collections, and of nature. But there are a few posed ones of me.

The first leg of the trip was train to Lidköping, some 130 kilometres north of Gothenburg, leaving at 1 pm on Wednesday. There my friend Vanna picked me up and we went to Karlsborg 100 kilometres roughly to the east, to pick up another friend: Jovi. From there qwe proceeded to Stockholm, more precisely the beautiful island of Ekerö, about 315 kilometres to the North and East. The roads were bad due to heavy snow fall and we weren't there until maybe 22 pm. There we stayed with another friend, Annika, over night, and until half past five in the evening on Thursday when we got into her car and went in to Stockholm to the ferry to Åbo/Turku which left at eight. It was very cold, around -15 C/5 F and a rather strong wind. It was also rather cold in the house where we slept, around 13 C/55 F, but with a woollen blanket and a woollen cloak on top of the quilt I slept well.
And it was stunningly beautiful.

The ferry takes about 10 hours and most of that (though not enough of course) was spent sleeping. There were lots of us going to the event on the boat and much merriment was had, as well as last minute sewing ;)

Since we arrived in Åbo/Turku before dawn we couldn't go directly to the site, so after breakfast at a hotel people set out to look at things - in my case I went to the castle with my friends Gudrun and Leif.
I hadn't been in Finland since 1979, and then I didn't see the castle, so I felt that it was a must. There are lots of stairs, so it's not for the faint of either heart or body.
It was also -22 C/-9 F and windy.

For more photos, including 16th century jewellery/accessories check this blog post.

After the castle people had a late lunch and then we went to the site in Ahtela, which is a kind of scouting camp in the forest in Sauvo at the coast. It was snowy, but much warmer then - just below zero /32F.

When we were there there was a light dinner (soup I think) and then at 9 p.m court. I wore my mi-parti italian wool gown and to my joy realized that I need a new hole in my apprentice belt! I also had my gold striped veil.

I went to bed early, because all landed nobility were to be at the Royal Sauna at 8 a.m on Saturday morning. But that will have to be told tomorrow, for now I must go to bed.


Diet results, work, coronation etc

So, 2 weeks on the diet equals 3 kilos of weight loss. I can live with that. Still not feeling hungry, and in fact it was rather practical while travelling to and from the coronation - all you needed was a shaker (or in this case my water bottle) and some water and you could eat anywhere. I'm sad that i missed the fabulous feast, but it was so beautiful, and the presentation was so spectacular that it was a feast for the eyes as well.

I hope to have the energy to write something about it later, but right now I am too tired. I left Ahtela in Finland at 6 am on Sunday (local time, 5 am Swedish time) and was home at 00.20 on Monday (Swedish time). Today I've been to the nurse about the weight loss programme and that's about it. I've tried to read the book "The Viking world" edited by Stefan Brink and Neil Price, but I keep falling asleep. We have it as course literature on a course I'm teaching, so I thought that I'd ought to read it. (Some of the articles annoy me too much to fall asleep though. You CAN NOT use 13th century written sources to prove anything about the 8th century. Or if you think you can: show me why you think it's possible. Thank the gods I will only teach the Middle Ages.)

If I'm lucky others will post their photos online that I cvan direct you to. Since I was mostly in public view I couldn't take many photos, just a few of myself after I've left the main hall.


Today I'm starting two days of travelling to get to Drachenwald's Twelfth Night Coronation in Finland. I have never been to a coronation befire and I hope that it will be lots of fun. I think it will, lots of my dearest SCA friends are there and the peopel gettign crowned are my friends William and Isabetta, who I like very much; Isabetta and I are "sisters", in that we are both apprentices to Mistress helwig. The trip doesn't really take tow days, more like 18 hours, but on the way tehre we will stop for a night at another friend's place, picking her up. This is partly a safety measure, since weather can make it hard to travel these days and we don't want to miss the ferry from Stockholm to Finland. The ferry will be lots of fun since most of the Nordmark peopel are travelling in the same ferry.
On Sunday we leave way before dawn and hopefully I will be back in Gothenburg around midnight. That depends on if I make the last train from the place where my driver, duchess Vanna, lives. Otherwise I'll have to stay over at her place and then she has to drive me to the nearest town where I can take a bus at 7.10, change to a train and then arrive in Gothenburg at 9.30. Which means that I will have to drag my luggage with me to the hospital where I have an appointment with the weight loss nurse at ten. I really hope that I will get home on Sunday night.

Or, I can take the train from Stockholm, which seems more and more like the only solution the more I think of it.

Anyway, that's something that will have to be solved soon-ish, since I'm leaving in less than two hours. I will bring a book and craft projects. But first I have to go and get some diet soda and herbal tea to have while travelling.


I summed up my sewing

I summed up my sewing in my costuming blog - over here.

Yesterday was asu usually spent with friend and neighbour Anna. Rickard worked until 201.5 so we had a late dinner. Or rather: they had a late dinner, since I'm not eating. But I watched them eat, and I prepared some of the food.

And I wore a new stretch velvet dress and felt rather fabulous and cosy at the same time. It's dark green btw, not black.

A pastel nightmare?

Today my mint green silk viscose blend (so I like regenerated cellulose, so shoot me ;) Besides I can't always afford 100% silk) arrived from Pure silks arrived. That means that I can make a mid 14th century Italian outfit  in a colour scheme reminding all Swedes of the Liseberg bunnies.

Liseberg is a local (in my case very local, it can't be more than 300 metre to the entrance, and I can see a lot fo teh attractions from my kitchen window) and still I didn't even think of this until my sister said it :)

Fourth day

I still haven't felt hungry, but I miss a lot of tastes. I have no doubt that I can do this for 12 weeks, but by the Gods, how much I want dark sourdough bread! Or hummus. And garlic ;)

I haven't weighed myself yet, I decided to only do that once a week.


Christmas eve, Christmas day and boxing day I made new clothes for the doll house dolls. I still need to make a new shirt for little Bengt, but MUm got a new dress and a fair isle cardigan, dad got a fair isle vest and little Britta got a new dress.