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So, one week after I had returned from Ireland I went to London with my daughter Valeria. The reason that we had to go in June was that her internet friend Mila was going to be in London the whole of June, but then it turned out that her record company made her go back to Thailand on the 20th, so we missed her. Luckily Valeria wasn't devastated by this and seemed to have a grand time in London anyway.
We arrived at clothsprogs' and Tom's place around eight in the evening and were instantly made to feel welcome by Teddy, Tom and the new cat Edward, who liked smelling our feet. We heated our dinner that we had picked up at Tesco's and had much needed and appreciated tea and chatted past Teddy's bedtime. The greatest surprise was that Teddy showed us that he was making Maja one of his very special rag dolls!! Since I had considered ordering one, but put it off since they are rather expensive (very reasonably so, considering the work put into them, but it's still about the same price as my ticket to London and back) I was astonished and very, very happy. Maja was also very very happy and wanted to sleep with her when she got her yesterday night.

Thursday was spent shopping. Well, actually all days except Sunday when we stayed at T&T's place until we left for the airport were spent shopping. But this was the day when we braved the tourist-y Oxford Street (by Valeria's request). But first we went to Forbidden Planet of course. And left it with manga, more manga and a Doctor Who tea cup and poster for Valeria and two volumes of old Legion of Super-heroes, a post card ("Live it up! You're only middle-aged once"> and a tea cosy for me - the latter with the legend "You can't beat a cuppa in a crisis".
Then we braved Oxford Street. We didn't find any korean pop in HMV and after going through a large Marks and Spencer's (yay for restrooms) where I found a lovely short sleeved blouse in black with strong pink dots that I very nearly bought but didn't, Dorothy Perkins, where I found a perfectly fitting grey jacket and lovely clumpy green high heeled sandals which I also didn't buy and some other shops we went to Bravissimo where I bought these: 1,2 and 3. The last one is my favourite style full cup bra and I already had beige one but wanted a black also. Then we got on the bus down the street to Marble Arch and the dreaded Primark. Primark on Oxford Street could also be described as shopping hell. Fortunately they had added at least one more place to pay since we were there last time, so there were shorter queues and it really went rather fast. Valeria bought a bag and some seriously cute bras, I bought a pale turquoise/mint green cardi and a teal t-shirt and we both got a couple of (identical but very different size) cute knickers. After that we headed to the Bond Street Underground Station where we happened to go in to a shop and I bought a watch hanging from a chain around my neck. I've been wanting a watch for a long time, since my grandmother's old gold watch just is too big for my wrist and can't be taken in more.

After that we headed home and rested before the big event of the day: Björn,armillary, and his girlfriend Sarah coming over for chinese take away and general social interaction. Teddy had met Björn before, but Tom hadn't and none of us had met Sarah. It turned out a very pleasant evening and everybody was sorry when Björn and Sarah had to leave (and Teddy had to go to bed since he gets up at the crack of dawn to go to work). It seems that I will get to see Björn and Sarah here in July, though unfortunately they can't stay with us because Sarah is allergic to cats.

And then everybody got the bed and I didn't stay awake long to read the Lacey Smithsonian mystery I borrowed from Teddy while staying there - not at all.



Jun. 27th, 2011 12:26 pm (UTC)
It was. You should just live a little closer to each other.