January 4th, 2017

Soon off to Twelfth Night Coronation in Finland

Today I'm starting two days of travelling to get to Drachenwald's Twelfth Night Coronation in Finland. I have never been to a coronation befire and I hope that it will be lots of fun. I think it will, lots of my dearest SCA friends are there and the peopel gettign crowned are my friends William and Isabetta, who I like very much; Isabetta and I are "sisters", in that we are both apprentices to Mistress helwig. The trip doesn't really take tow days, more like 18 hours, but on the way tehre we will stop for a night at another friend's place, picking her up. This is partly a safety measure, since weather can make it hard to travel these days and we don't want to miss the ferry from Stockholm to Finland. The ferry will be lots of fun since most of the Nordmark peopel are travelling in the same ferry.
On Sunday we leave way before dawn and hopefully I will be back in Gothenburg around midnight. That depends on if I make the last train from the place where my driver, duchess Vanna, lives. Otherwise I'll have to stay over at her place and then she has to drive me to the nearest town where I can take a bus at 7.10, change to a train and then arrive in Gothenburg at 9.30. Which means that I will have to drag my luggage with me to the hospital where I have an appointment with the weight loss nurse at ten. I really hope that I will get home on Sunday night.

Or, I can take the train from Stockholm, which seems more and more like the only solution the more I think of it.

Anyway, that's something that will have to be solved soon-ish, since I'm leaving in less than two hours. I will bring a book and craft projects. But first I have to go and get some diet soda and herbal tea to have while travelling.