January 27th, 2017

Losing weight

Other stuff in my life is pretty messed up right now (I'll get back to that in a later post), but at least my life on Cambridge shakes works: I don't feel hungry and I've lost a lot of weight in those 4 weeks and four days from when I started until I was weighed today at the hospital.
Weight before I started, 22nd of December 97,4 kilos = 215 pounds
Weight the 9th of January: 94,4 kilos = 208 pounds
Weight today, 27th of January: 89,8 kilos = 198 pounds
I am very happy about this. And also that they had re-stocked their shakes, so that I could get other flavours of the shakes, because I was getting very bored. The vanilla version tastes like custard, very yummy.

Bloody sick leave agency!

Yesterday I got a letter from the agency that support me economically because of my sickness/disability, that they had cut that money from the 21st of December; and if I didn't present them with new, and better certificates from my GP, and from a specialist by Monday they would make that permanent. So much of yesterday was spent worrying, an trying to get in contact with them to protest that three days was not enough, especially since two of them were Saturday and Sunday.
Today I finally reached someone and I got the decision postponed until the 15th of februari (no money will be paid of course). So now I will have to work like crazy to get contact with all kinds of doctors and instruct them on how to write proper certificates and then _maybe_ they will change their mind. You see, the person responsible for my case beleives that I have no physical problems from my arhtritis, and that if I got another job I could probably work full time, since I am only stressed from this job. She is clearly insane, and cannot read and understand texts. But she still has the power.
But I will wait with that until tomorrow and not talk about it anymore, because it's terrifying and I want to relax and be happy this evening, not anxious. Yesterday was horrible, but I'm very grateful for my facebook friends who not only offered sympathy and outrage, but also some practial help, since quite a few of them have chronic illnesses to - OR work for that agency.
So tomorrow, instead of working, I will start writing a certificate that my GP can use, explaining why my illness makes it impossible to work fullt ime. Then I'll run it through a friend who works with similar stuff and then next week I will try to get an appointment with my GP and make him write that certificate and send it in.

I am trying not to despair, but it's hard. Didn't sleep much last night either.