February 1st, 2017

Sneaky wife sews

Yesterday the Star Wars-themed printed cotton I bought on eBay to make Rickard a shirt arrived, it was weell within estimated delivery limits, but I'm still cutting it fine, since his birthday is on Friday. I washed the fabric last evening (in our communal laundry room the last time slot you can book is 5-8 pm, but you can still use the machines after that, they don't turn off the electricity), just before going to bed, and today, I started cutting and sewing.

I tried to work too, but my arthritis is now so painful that it is hard to be still, even less concentrate on anything intellectual, so zig-zagging shirt pieces while waiting for my extra tramadol to take hold seemed like an excellent idea. It's one of my mum's old patterns from the 60s, which I've used twice before, to produce these shirts: