February 25th, 2017

A Saturday

I think that my cold is gettting a little better, I don't feel like I am going to die all the time - or wish that I could ;) Today I even managed to go out, and stay out two hours in the freezing cold, again standing ready if the neo-nazis would march this Saturday.

Other than that all I've done today is to make potato gratin for Valeria and Maja. Rickard is in Norway playing X-wing, and Vendela is with her dad. I've also knitted a little, I'm on the final sleeve on my cardigan.

Tomorrow Alfhild is coming over to see if she wants something from the pile of clothes that I cleared out yesterday, when Rickard and I brought up boxes with spring/summer clothes, and clothes that used to be too small. Not that spring will come soon to Sweden, not even here in the southwest, but next Friday Rickard and I are going to Florence for the weekend (leaving Friday morning, going home Monday lunch) and while they maybe wouldn't call it spring, it is likely that it will be spring by Swedish standards, so I may need some clothes not made from wool :)

Two boxes were still too small and wer brough down to the storage again, and I box was filled with too large clothes instead. Because I may need them again, I'm being realistic.