March 14th, 2017

Lots of remaking to do

After not making any (or at leat very few) medieval clothes for a long time, due mainly to having a lot of them already, I of course had to go an get obsessed about a year ago, making lots new clothes from ca 1300.
And now I have lost 18 kilos and will probably lose at least five more, and while you can wear this styel with very varying weight, they do look bette rif they're not too large over the bust. And since I have lost weight there too (hooray). I will have to remake a lot of clothes, including the shiny investiture gown. That will have to wait though, because I'm going to wear it this weekend and I don't want the stress of picking it apart and remaking it before Friday.

I have, however, started on this one. It's a bit easier, since it's not lined. Though more hand work since I have to fell seams again.