March 16th, 2017

Event tomorrow

Work and general stress before the event this weekend means that I haven't continued my stories from our trip to Italy, but I will resume it eventually. I think that I have packed all the clothes that I need - I wanted to bring more, but couldn't really jusitfy changing more than once on Saturday (from the red one to the shiny gown for court and feast), so the weird Italian with a high seam at the bust will have to wait for another event.

On Friday evenign we are "re-enacting" the horrible times before St. Egon brought civilization to the barony of Gotvik. My first plan was to take a shorter surcoat (ca 1330-s1340s) that I have wihich is lined with fake fur and turn it inside out. But then I realized that's in the bottom of a "tower" of for of IKEA's big clear plastic tubs, and I just didn't have the energy to dig it out. So instead I'm wearing a wool peplos with nothing under and some funky jewellery. I will also braid my hair in small braids which will be braided together, to look "barbarian". And to get waves in the hair for when I go back to my c. 1300 garb.
I will get photos.

Since I am still on my diet I can't be barbariously drunk (I can't drink at all), but I can't say that I miss it that much. I wil not be able to eat feast either, but at least, as from today, I am allowed to eat a light breakfast. Then, after six weeks, we will introduce either lunch or dinner (my choice) for six weeks, and then finally, in late July, I will start eating only food and no diet shakes.