March 20th, 2017

I am actually doing stuff that makes me anxious

These days I suffer from anxiety quite a lot. I never did that a decade ago or so, or I didn't notice because I had the energy to push it back and ignore it. With my body getting worse and problems with the sick leave agency I don't have that extra energy.
It may also be that I am better at acknowledging that I am human.

But anyway, I have a constant low level anxiety, and some tasks, such reading editors notes and suggestions or, even worse, peer reviews of my articles, definitely brings up the anxiety level. And this time I hasn't helped much that I know that tehre's generally nothing serious, and if you do as the editors say it will be quite easy.

But today I overcame my anxiety and I have started doing the final revisions for one of the articles, and I may even finish it this evening - if I chose to work in the evening to. Right now I'm in too much pain from sitting up, however, so I'm taking a break.