March 21st, 2017

Knitted flat cap

On Friday I started on a knitted flatcap/barrett. I used mmcnealy's pattern based on an Italian barrett from the wreck of the ship Gagiana.The pattern can be found on her web site for free!

It's very simple, and a quick knit. Since I was at an event most of the weekend I couldn't knit as much as I would have done at home (there was, after all, court to plan, and to hold :) ). And still I finished it Yesterday.

I used a worsted weight yarn bought cheaply at a supermarket some years ago and 4,5 mm needles (US #7). The barrett was fulled in the washing machine on 60 degrees Celsius.

I am extremely happy with it.


I've been working on taking in the shiny investiture gown. Since it's liend, and silk, it's much more difficult than the red wool gown. But it didn't help that I had to unpick the sleeves twice before I put them right.