April 8th, 2017

Alive, not in Stockholm

Just to let you know that while I was travellign in the general direction of Stockholm yesterday, to go to Nyköping where I was going to give a lecture on early 14th century fashion, I was still hours away from the capital at the time of the attack. The people who were on the same train as I was, who were going to Stockholm, were however stuck for hours in Katrineholm where I changed to a bus, due to all train traffic to and from Stockholm being stopped for security reasons.

I had a nice evening, the lecture went well and I got to hang out with old friends I haven't met for years. I stayed at their place and we sat up talking until midnight. Then at seven another old friend, who I may not have seenin 15 years or so turned up for breakfast and socializing before I took another bus to get to another small town where I could take a train that would get me back to Katrineholm and the train from Stockholm to Gothenburg.

Gotvik had a scriptorium, and potluck dinner today and I had planned to go, but by the time I got home I was so tired that I decided to stay at home instead. And promptly fell asleep while listening to an audio book.

But I have actually started on one of the three scrolls that I'm going to make for Double Wars.