May 2nd, 2017

Beltane and 1st of May

My hips! This weekend is always a tough one for my body. First Beltane celebration with my coven on the 30th and then marching with the Syndicalists on the 1st of May (and walking home, since there are no buses in the centre for a couple of hours due to the marches).
So today my hips are very stiff and rather painful.

But we had a lovely Beltane. This has been a very cold spring and Friday had horrible weather with lots of wind and rain. Saturday, however was rather good, so I had hopes for Sunday, Hopes that were justified: It was warmer than it had been previously: 11 degrees (52 F) in the shade, and very sunny. The winds were icy cold at home, but it was less windy at Inger's place, and, more importantly at our ritual site.
The walk through the woods was magical.

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We had a lovely afternoon and evening out at the site and then we went home to Inger to continue with wine for those who drink that, and tea for me. I was home around  midnight, but most of the others slept over, so I guess the party went on for a while.

Yesterday then I first went to the memorial service for the volunteers on the democratic side in the Spanish Civil war, then there was a short meeting for women's right to wear whatever they like, including a hijab, before the march started. it appears that the Beltane celebrations did the trick, because it was now 17 degrees (62 F) in the shade and the sun was shining from a clear sky. I walked without jacket and with short sleeves for the first time this year.

In the evening I sorted out all my winter clothes to be taken down to the storage in the basement and hung up my summer clothes, I hope I won't regret this.

But today it's back to work, and I have LOTS to do.