May 8th, 2017

Too Much Work

Friday I wrote two new lectures. Yesterday I prepared two conference presentation - notes and power points. After that I felt that I could relax some, and had Katarina from our local medieval group over for tea, and chatted about 15th century Italian fashions. However, it turns out that her computer has crashed so someone else, that is: me and Alfhild, will have to make the next Gotvik newsletter. So I wrote a short note from the baroness and baron before going to a  football match. Which "my" team won, which made me happy.

Today I have to organize lunch for students when we go on an excursion next week, and I also have a lecture to hold, on medieval clothing and textiles. In English, but after all I'm used to talking about these subjects in English. But I didn't have the time to translate my notes, which makes it more difficult. But it will work out, I'm sure.
I also need to make the last changes on an article.

This evening I will work more on the Gotvik newsletter, and start packing for the conference on Wednesday.

Tomorrow I have two hours lecture about interwar history and then after lunch two hours of WWII.

I've just realized that the coming two weeks I will work almost full time (I'm employed at 50%)

I am amazing!

I have now both booked the restaurant and got an agreement that they will send an invoice to the university and done the requested changes in my article on Swedish sumptuary law.
Go me!

Now I should probably have lunch before I'm giving my lecture.

My hairnet arrived!

Today a hairnet that I comissioned from the talented Laura Hämäri who has the site and blog Knots in a Net arrived in the mail.
It's based on extant nets and I am so happy with it.

I had to try it on. I knew that I had fill it with some extra, fake, hair, to make it puff out at the sides as they do in 13th and early 14th century images, but I didn't have the energy (I've worked way too much today) to figure out the best way to add it, so I just pinned a false braid to my real hair and put on the net.
Even then I think that it looks great.


More photos here.

I will get proper photos taken at Double Wars. Where I'm wearing a shift under my gown, for instance. :)