May 15th, 2017

Reporting on the weight loss project

So, I as away for three days on a conference (including travelling to it) and I ate badly. Well, not really badly, just not according to the plan I've been given. I had a sandwich one day when I shouldn't, and I ate the whole conference dinner except the dessert (which I just tasted one spoon of), and there were almost no vegetables/salad in that meal.

Still I couldn't have done too bad, because I at least continue to loose weight, but slower. This week I lost 6 hg, that is 1,3 pounds, so I now weigh 66,1 kilos (c. 146 pounds), and this morning I tried on my gothic fitted dresses from mid- late 90s and they fit!

So I go on eating breakfast and dinner (with half the plate veggies, raw or cooked) and two low calorie shakes, one for lunch, one before bed - it seems to be working.

And just as a reminder: I started out on 98 kilos/216 pounds

ETA: I checked and I remembered wrongly. Last week was 67,7 kgs, not 66,7, so apparently I keep loosing at a quick rate. It should be 1,6 kgs (a little over 3,5 pounds) in a week.