June 18th, 2017

A wonderful day

 Our coven celebrated summer solstice a bit early (it's on Wednesday, but people have jobs) today. The day started out cloudy, but it got clearer and by the time I went to catch the tram (and later bus) to get to Inger's place it was sunny and warm. I was going to pick some Golden rain/Laburnum, to have in the Oak king's wreath, by the lake next to her place. I also had the plan to take a quick swim if the weather was warm. Which it of course was. I went swimming there on Tuesday too, but then it was really cold. Now it was only cold when I first got in, then it was lovely. 

Then there was the ritual of course, and hanging out with the rest of the coven - all in the dappled sunlight under oak trees. Food was good, and I'm happy that I am allowed to eat again. There was different types of cabbage, green asparagus, lentil patties (made by me), home made bread, new potatoes cooked with dill and a rhubarb crumble with custard. I didn't have the crumble though, trying to keep my new weight.

After we got back to Inger's place the rest left, and Inger and I, and Inger's daughter went to the lake again for another swim. It was even nicer now, after a long sunny day. And then I took the bus home.

And finally, tonight I bottled my elderflower bubbly. Anna, Maja and I went out to pick them and catch pokemon on Werdnesday evening.

The recipe:
6 elder flowers, rinsed in water
700 grams of sugar
2 tablespoons white wine vinegar ( I tend to use apple cider vinegar, since I have that at home)
The peel of three lemons
4 1/2 litres of water.
Heat up some of the water and dissolve the sugar in it. Add the rest of the water, lemon peel and vinegar. Pour it over the flowers in a bucket. Cover the bucket and let it stand cool (well, cool-ish, is all that I can get in my flat) for four days.
Strain away the flowers and lemon peel and bottle the rest. Leave some space in the bottles and screw the corks on tightly. I use PET-bottles after an explosion one year when I used cider bottles. In 5-21 days they should have fermented to a less sweet and very bubbly drink.

And it's such a beautiful light evening outside now, and I have tea - yep, everything is perfect.